When to Think of Rekeying Your Master Lock?

Posted on October 14th, 2016

It is a compulsory factor to make your residence consists of the highest security. It is because your entire family lives there. You have valuable goods and articles. Most importantly, a well-secured house is the safest haven for everyone and everything in the property.
However, if you have doubts that your main door lock is prone to easy breaking or anyone can enter through it without using force, it is always better to rethink of Rekeying your master lock.

Why Should You Rekey?

Rekeying is the cheapest way to change the lock components without changing the entire lock. Rekeying involves a new key for the old lock. Rekeying is done when the owner of the property desires the highest security installed without spending fortunes on it. One of the common reasons to Rekey is to ensure safety once the property changes owner. The new owner can opt for Rekeying right after buying the property so that they get the new sets of keys without changing the entire lock.
The system of Rekeying is simple. A professional Locksmiths will change the old pins and springs and replace them with new ones inside the cylinder of the lock. There are many instructions and DIY kits available in the market, however, it is better to seek professional assistance. Ask your “Local Reliable and Trustworthy Locksmith“s to help you with Rekeying. If you are based in Coogee or nearby, Locksmiths Coogee is always available, round the clock, on every emergency situation you face.


Expert Advises on Choosing Rekeying

Choosing Rekeying is cost effective. Rekeying only involves the changing of the old pins and springs that will fit a new key to the old lock. One basic reason why Locksmiths prefer Rekeying is that this process involves the opening of the entire lock. This means that if there are any faulty inside, the Locksmith will be able to detect it and fix it accordingly. Another reason is during Rekeying, the lock is greased and polished, making the lock work effectively.
Rekeying can be done on all the locks. It doesn’t necessary has to be the master lock only. If you have purchased a new house, it is advisable to rekey the entire locks of all the doors and if possible the windows as well.
Depending on the type of locks used at your residence, an expert Locksmiths from Locksmiths Coogee can advise you whether you should go for Rekeying or change the locks altogether.